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Prices From CAD $95.00              Last update: Release 10, February 20, 2016

Your most important asset is information. Knowledge of your clients, inventories and the performance of your staff and your business is critical to maintaining your position in the industry.

A basic business management system is a cash register, inventory tracking and client information system with integrated schedule and reporting tools.

Over and above the basics, the system must enhance your staff productivity and insure client retention. It must work with your staff to implement marketing, promotion and client loyalty tools, monitor staff productivity, control and manage your inventory, gift cards and other loyalty programs as well as keep you informed of areas where efficiencies and profits can be maximized.

You work hard to get new clients and to provide excellent first visit service. To retain that client you need to gather unique knowledge of the person and be able to retrieve the information and apply it to your daily customer service activity.

We pride ourselves in the ease at which our software can be installed and set up. The systems were designed with a priority for ease of use. Staff can use keyboard only or keyboard, mouse and touch screen to complete all their tasks. All features that the staff need are one key or one click away, no need to load different modules or move through difficult menu systems. Many of the information recording systems are automated by the sales register minimizing the day to day effort to maintain the information.

All of our software products are founded on the core system with special customization to enhance their use in the specific industries.

Why pay thousands for a management point of sale system for your small business and hundreds more for annual updates and upgrades? Our system is modestly priced and updates and upgrades are free.  Our system is built upon the needs of our users, if you need a new feature it is built immediately based upon your specifications and included in the next update.

What to look for in a point of sale system for your business!

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The staff at Oncore Medi-Spa would like to thank the support team at Xcite Software. We currently use Salon & Spa and it is a wonderful system. Any time we have questions they are quick to respond and friendly. Any time we have requested an update for the system to fit our needs it has been done quickly and thoroughly. We absolutely love the support we get with the system and appreciate the excellent customer service we receive time and time again!

Thank you!!


What's New

Salon & Spa 10 released, February 10, 2016.

Updates and upgrades are free to registered users for as long as they use Xcite software.

Xcite software is Windows 10 compatible

Your Benefits

Set performance goals for your business and monitor and report your success.

Communicate directly with your clients and customers using e-mail or text messaging.

Your favorite marketing and client loyalty programs all managed by your system.

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