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Xcite Software is a turnkey register and business management system.

All of our software products are based on a core Point of Sale (POS) system with special customization to enhance their use in specific industries.

Your most important asset is information. Knowledge of your clients, inventories and the performance of your staff and your business is critical to maintaining your position in the industry.

Over and above the basics, your system enhances your staff productivity and insures client retention. It works with your staff to improve marketing, promotion and client loyalty.

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Have a look at the features of the system which would best meet your needs:

Salon & Spa 10 Logo

Salon & Spa 10

The elements of Salon & Spa combine to form a comprehensive management solution for Spas, Medi-spas, Laser Centers and Salons that need an easy to use system to create and track the critical information needed to succeed.

Salon & Spa's integrated modules are a powerful solution for your business. Salon & Spa can be purchased in either Basic, Standard or Professional Editions depending upon the needs of your business.

More about Salon & Spa 10

Download and install the Salon & Spa 10 Professional 60 day trial today.

i/Retail logo

i/Retail Professional/Standard Editions

The Professional Edition is specifically configured for the service and retail sales business where scheduling of staff performing work for the customer is important. For example an auto service shop or computer repair shop.

The Standard Edition is specifically configured for the retail sales business where providing products for retail sale is most important. For example an confectionary, book store, dollar store.

Note that a multi-station version of the Professional Edition is also available.

More about i/Retail 10

Download and install the i/Retail 10 Professional 60 day trial today.

i/Gallery 10 Logo
Gallery Edition

i/Gallery 10 is a specially configured version of i/Retail 10 to meet the needs of art galleries who wish to track their inventory, collections, sales and clients.

More about i/Gallery 10

Download and install the i/Gallery 10 60 day trial today.

i/Artist Logo

 Artist Edition

i/Artist 10 is a specially configured version of i/Retail 10 to meet the needs of artists who wish to track their inventory, collections, sales and clients.

More about i/Artist 10

Download and install the i/Artist 10 60 day trial today.

A basic business management system is a cash register, inventory tracking and client information system with integrated schedule and reporting tools.

We pride ourselves in the ease at which our software can be installed and set up. The systems were designed with a priority for staff efficiency. Staff can use keyboard only or keyboard, mouse and touch screen to complete all their tasks.

All features that the staff need are one key or one click away, no need to load different modules or move through difficult menu systems. Most of the information recording needs are automated by the sales register minimizing the day to day effort to maintain information.

Our systems are built upon the needs of our users, if you need a new feature it is built immediately based upon your specifications and included in the next update.

Xcite Software

What to look for in a Point of Sale (POS) system for your business!


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The staff at Oncore Medi-Spa would like to thank the support team at Xcite Software. We currently use Salon & Spa and it is a wonderful system. Any time we have questions they are quick to respond and friendly. Any time we have requested an update for the system to fit our needs it has been done quickly and thoroughly. We absolutely love the support we get with the system and appreciate the excellent customer service we receive time and time again!

Thank you!!



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