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If you encounter a problem with the operation of Xcite Software always make sure that you are using the latest update for your system release.  If your system has access to the internet use the update feature found in your help menu.  You can also access the most recent update from the Download Center.

As many of the problems that you encounter may have been located by other users of system or by our system test programs a fix for your problem may be already available.

1. I' m trying to print product labels, but the font size stays at 12 no matter what number I enter. I would like them to be size 8 font. 

After changing the font point size or the x y coordinates you must click on the blue link "Save Settings" in the lower right corner. After pressing this link the font will change. The settings will stay as set until you change them again.

2. I have a Cannon 2000 printer and have a problem when printing client mailing labels and product pricing labels.

The Cannon 2000 may work fine for the first print job and messes up for the second. To stop this you have to close and reopen the label print dialog for each print job. Has not been noticed with any other printers.

3. I am having trouble finding clients using the client search features.

The search is case sensitive for first and last names. So if the first letter of a name is a capital it must be that way in the search also. When the search dialog opens it is on the first name field, type in a name or part of it and press the enter key and it will search for that first name. If you want to enter a last name or part of it also then press tab to move and type in the last name and press the enter key.  If the first one that comes up is not the one you want then press F1 or click on search again. If you get through all the possible choices the system will stop and suggest a new search or for you to pick from the list. The list is generated during the search from all possible choices which matched your search criteria.

Use the same procedure when using a client number or phone number.

4. I don't see the whole sales screen.

The minimum video resolution is 800x600, using less will not allow the full display and will disable many of the features. Using a display setting of 1024x768 will enable the "Client Center" features of the program.

To change your display use My Computer...Control Panel...Display... Settings...desktop area, move the slide to the right until you see 800x600 or 1024x768, then select apply.

5. Is the evaluation version disabled in any way?

No all evaluation programs are the full version, all you need are the registration codes. If you have constructed client, staff and inventory tables they can be preserved during registration.

6. Erratic operation when entering numbers into the sales screen staff selector or inventory selector boxes using the numeric keypad.

Insure that your NumLock is on, the alternate function of these keys causes the erratic operation.

7. The version we rec'd. was to have the appointment management option. I receive an error message (appointment manager does not work - run time error 30009 - invalid row value). Help?? When I hit ok to get out of this error message, it automatically quits the program.

The system may not check for the correctness of your start and ending times for the work day in Preferences. The error message that you see is caused by either your start time or ending time not being a correct hour. Open preferences and go to the appointment tab. You should have check marks on the days that you are open and the starting time and ending times using the 24 hour clock. For instance 9am would be 09:00 and 6 pm would be 18:00.  Note that there must be a leading 0 for hours less than 12:00. Salon & Spa release 2007 (8.1.xx) and later will not encounter this issue.

8. I cannot use code .98 for a service inventory?

Code .98 is reserved for the system and is used for an expense (ie when someone takes funds from the cash drawer and purchases something - petty cash). There are other reserved codes as well for instance any that start with .GIFT, .UND, .TIP, .ROA, etc.

9. I use numeric codes for service inventory and they do not seem to sort in the correct order.

When the program sorts the numbers, it is putting my new .100 service in my quick key slots. For instance, it sorts it like this .08, .09, .10. .100, .11, .12 etc. It is not recognizing that it should be sorted down by numbers .98, .99, .100 etc.

Computers sort number and character strings left to right since the do this they cannot see the difference between 1 and 10 or 100 so they will sort 1, 10, 100, 2 20, 200, etc. If you want the numbers to sort correctly using up to 3 characters strings you will need to have them as .001,.002....... 010, 011.........100, 101, etc.

10. Is there a way to open up the schedule to a full screen so that the whole day and all available times for all staff is seen, instead of scrolling up and down?

The number of rows in the appointment screen depends upon the default duration of you appointments set in preferences and the length of your day, Using 15 min durations will have twice as many rows as 30 min. The number of columns is set by the number of staff that display in the book as set up in the staff manager. The way to maximize the use of the screen space is to use a higher resolution. Salon and Spa can use 800x600 and 1024x768. If you have a good screen then setting the system for 1024x768 will display the maximum rows and columns on the screen. Beyond that if you have a lot of staff and very short appointment durations you will have to scroll the screen. To change the screen display you need to first go to Windows Control Panel - Display and set the screen resolution, then go to Salon & Spa preferences and set the screen option there, then restart Salon and Spa.

11. When opening the information window for an existing appointment I see services that were not a part of the original appointment.

Occasionally a problem arises with the files on your disk which causes the appointment group linkages to become broken for some appointments.  if this occurs open the tools menu and select the menu item Repair Schedule linkages.

12. My schedule screen locks up when opening it or an error 63 is noted and the program shuts down.

This occurs in version 9 of Salon & Spa up to and including version 9.1.20 and happens if you set your days open in preferences to all 7 days of the week. Update your system to version 9.1.21 or later to eliminate the error.  This error is not found in any version 8 or earlier of Salon & Spa.

13. I get an error 6 when running the year end module.

This occurs in version 8 and 9 of Salon & Spa up to and including version 9.1.22 and occurs if you have more than 32000 client history files.  The solution is to clean up your client files by deleting and removing records no longer needed or use the service history edit tool found in the tools menu of the client manager to remove old history files.  This error has been removed in Salon & Spa 9 version 9.1.23 and later.


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