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Xcite Software Training Center
  Training Resource Center

Learning tools are available to get you and your staff up and running with Xcite software and to quickly become proficient in their use on a day to day basis.  All the program modules are intuitive and very easy to use.

1. Tryout Versions with sample information files

Prior to purchasing we encourage you to download and install the try out versions of the software. You can try out and evaluate the programs at your business for 60 days for free   All tryout versions operate as Professional Editions.

The tryout versions may be registered as basic, standard, professional or professional multi-user editions at the time of purchase without any loss of your data that you may have entered.

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2. User Guides

The software features a fully integrated and contact sensitive user guide and help system to assist you with set up and day to day operation of your system. The  user guide is keyed to the activity in the program answering  the "how do I" questions that your staff will ask.   When you see one of the help icons help is available.  The user guide and help systems are installed with all Xcite Software.

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Help Icons

3. Training Mode

Select Training Mode from the Administration menu (requires the manager's key) when you want to assist new staff with learning the use of the program.  All he features of the program are available from point of sale, scheduling, client services, inventory purchase orders, order entry, etc.

You are working with a copy of your real data when in training mode, so the staff will easily learn using familiar information but the changes or entries will not affect your active data files.

Setting training mode off returns to the active data files.  There are red "Training Mode On" flags visible on the system when activated.

4. Tutorials

The tutorials are a series of videos on the use of the features of Xcite business software. The videos will guide your staff in the use of the most frequently used areas of the system and how they function.  Note that the videos were taken using Salon & Spa however all functions of other Xcite software is similar.

You need either Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime or another default media player that can play "avi" files.

Using the Help Menu go to the Learning Center to access the video streams from within the Xcite Software. The videos are located on the web site so a fast internet connection is required.

To speed up staff training you can download the video tutorials and install them on your system from the Download Center. The videos will self install.

View the video tutorials

5. Knowledgebase

Answers to all of all frequently asked questions by users.

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6. Troubleshooting guide

If you encounter a problem with the operation Xcite software always make sure that you are using the latest update.  If your system has access to the internet use the update features found in your help menu.  You can also access the most recent update from the Download Center

Many of the problems that you encounter may have been located by other users of system or by our system testing programs and a fix for your problem may be already available in an update.

 Check out the troubleshooting guide...

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